Green beauty pledges you can make for a more sustainable world

Green Beauty Pledges

Small things you can do, that can create a big impact for the environment

You thought you’re being earth-friendly by looking at the ingredients in that cream you want to buy to make sure they’re all high quality and sourced ethically, right? Well, that’s not all if you want to do your bit as a friend of the environment. Studies have shown 120 billion units of packaging material is produced yearly by the beauty industry, most of which is not recyclable! Thankfully, many beauty brands now are cleaning up their act and becoming more responsible towards our planet and its wellbeing. So, it’s only fair that all of us beauty product hoarders pull up our socks too and take these beauty pledges to join the green party! We promise, they’re fairly easy to follow and will be good for us and our environment.

  1. Refill packs all the way

If your routine is to use your product and throw the empty bottle or palette away, stop this pattern right now. Pick brands that offer refills as an effort to reduce wastage. For example, upon returning 6 empty containers of M.A.C. products to the store, you get one product free! Keep an eye out for similar environment-friendly schemes with brands like Lush and L’Occitane too.


  1. Pay attention to the packaging material

Think about your regular beauty packaging. There’s the plastic wrapping, often there are paper inserts, there’s the carboard box and multiple other packing materials for just one beauty product! The solution is aluminium! It can be recycled infinite number of times and so, products packed in this material are ones you need to look out for and pick for yourself.


  1. Dry products are the environment’s friends

Liquid soaps and shampoos are typically packed in plastic bottles. Follow the bottle-less beauty routine and swap your liquid products with dry ones. If the thought of a bar of soap makes you cringe, let us tell you that they’ve come a long way! Many are now made with natural ingredients and are packed with oils and herbs that are gentle and soothing for your skin. Added bonus is that they’re usually not packed in plastic material; instead, they come with more sustainable packaging material. Give that cake of soap a shot, we say. (We recommend these O Naturals ones).

  1. Use your empty containers well

Make it a point to not toss that bottle or jar of in the bin as soon as it’s empty. Instead, use it to store any other products and do this for as long as possible. Some of these bottles come in handy for storage when you’re travelling too!

  1. Be aware of the brands you’re picking

Water might be the number one ingredient in almost every beauty product, but some brands do their bit by being ‘water-responsible’. Aveda, for instance, partnered with Charity: Water and raised over $3 million for clean water initiatives and completed 29,000 water projects. Similarly, L’Oreal is aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of its plants and distribution centres by 60% by the year 2020. This particular green beauty pledge requires you to do your research and opt for brands that are being responsible towards the environment, and by extension, towards you.


  1. Size up, please

It’s as simple as this – a large sized body wash means that it will last you longer and that large bottles contain product that would have otherwise been placed in 3-4 medium-sized plastic bottles or 5-6 mini versions. These jumbo packings (like this Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo) are the more ecologically conscious option to go for and almost all your favourite brands offer this option.

  1. Bamboo earbuds over plastic ones

It is highly likely that every plastic earbud and toothbrush you’ve used in your lifetime probably still exists on our planet. Therefore, the wiser and environmentally sound choice would be to swap those for their bamboo counterparts like these GoWoo Bamboo Toothbrushes and Bamboo Cotton Swabs. Easy peasy, this one!


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