A Few Easy Ways You Can Exercise as a Family

A Few Easy Ways You Can Exercise as a Family

Now that the school holidays are here, here are a few ways you can enjoy some quality family time, while at the same time laying the foundations for your active kids to grow into active adults. These are activities that are fun for not just your little ones but also for the whole family.

Walk the walk

As any parent of young children will know, even a short walk is no joke when you’ve only got little legs. So just a ten-minute stroll around the neighbourhood can be all they exercise a toddler needs.

As your kids get older, and they’re used to your well-established family forays, you can begin to introduce additional, more engaging elements. For example, now that her daughter Miley is old enough, Instagram star and supermom Ripple Sim organises nature walks so that Miley can learn about the various flora and fauna of the region.

An introduction to nature also helps to get kids into good eating habits, as they learn more about where food comes from.

Get involved with good causes

Running has never been so popular, and as a result there’s usually no shortage of organised running events taking place in one part of town or another.

These running events are often held to raise money for a good cause, and now regularly include events specially for children. For example the Make a Wish Santa Run held on December 2 at the Singapore Sports Hub will feature a carnival for kids and all proceeds from the event will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore.

By getting your kids involved you’re not only getting them up and active, you’re also introducing them the concept of doing something for a good cause.

Check out the website Just Run Lah! for more details on running events taking place near you.

Housework and play

We’ve all been there; you’ve got a list of errands as long as your arm, kids to take care of and no time to do any of it. Well, maybe it’s time to delegate.

Take some of the simpler chores from your list – picking things up, putting things away – add a time limit and get them going. If they don’t complete the task within the time you give them, the floor will turn to water and the hungry sharks that have been living below all this time will be set free.

This not only ensures they don’t get under your feet while you’re trying to get your house in order, it also keeps them entertained, active and (hey, you never know), may even save you from doing a job or two.

Singapore Sports Hub

Visit the Singapore Sports Hub’s website or Instagram for more fun activities for you and your family. There’s a range of activities from dance classes to activity camps for a good afternoon out during these school holidays.