The Ultimate Gal Pal Gift Guide for the Holidays

The Ultimate Gal Pal Gift Guide for the Holidays

By: Mikka Wee

I always get excited about planning what to gift my leading ladies for the holidays because I like surprising them with something useful and stylish. After starting on my wellness journey this year, I’ve been more hyper-aware of where I put my money into. Because as they say, money is also a form of energy, so you better put it in the right place!

Without further ado, here is my list of sustainable gal pal gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.

1.  Handmade Heroes’ Lip Care Kit

For your make-up loving gal pal.

Singaporean skincare brand Handmade Heroes has amassed quite a cult following in the local beauty industry—as well as in Malaysia, where they have recently expanded to. Not only is the packaging chic, but also, the product itself is 100% natural, made with virgin coconut oil and cocoa butters, and with no synthetic chemicals or preservatives whatsoever.

The Lip Care Kit has everything you need to take care of your lips, while keeping them hydrated and soothed throughout the day—and may I say that splash of colour on the tinted ones is absolutely gorgeous? A diffused look on the lips from a handy-dandy cruelty-free balm sounds like a godsend for any beauty junkie.

For SG$30, you get a lip balm in Moroccan Mint, two lip tints (French Rose and English Rose), plus a lip scrub in a delicious Coconut Sorbet flavour. Each lip balm also retails at SG$6.90.


Stockists: Naiise, Isetan Shaw Centre, and Tangs VivoCity

2.  Oasis Skincare’s Solid Shampoo

For your wanderlust gal pal.

As someone who loves to travel herself, I am obsessed with Oasis Skincare’s Solid Shampoos (from SG$10). These are just so easy to carry around without the fear of immigration stopping you. Versatile and so easy to use, they never fail to keep my hair in tip-top shape. Their Zero Waste Hair Care line is simply stunning, and it’s something every girl on-the-go will truly appreciate.



3. Hush Candle

For your workaholic gal pal. 

Hand-poured and handcrafted, Hush Candles are reasonably-priced (starting at SG$18) and are the perfect present you can lovingly give your gal pal who loves the hustle. What I love about candles is that they can instantly transport you or put you in a calming mood, and Hush Candles are all-natural and super-potent—just nice for a little moment of peace. My favourites include Lavender, Peppermint Orange, Lemongrass, and Bergamot Basil.


4. Minimakers Designer Beeswax Food Wraps

For your snack-loving galpal.

My first encounter with beeswax food wraps was due to curiosity when a friend of mine told me about them, and how they’ve been an amazing and eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap. These ones from Minimakers (starting from SG$9.90) come in very chic designs and are handcrafted using jojoba oil, beeswax, tree resin, and 100% premium cotton.

It’s perfect for your gal pal who always has a snack in her bag—it’s great to use for sandwiches, apple slices, and more! What’s great about these beeswax wraps (apart from reducing our carbon footprint) is that they contain antibacterial properties and a breathable layer that keeps food from getting wilted or wet, while at the same time locking in all that good flavour and freshness.


5. Stojo Collapsible Cups

For your café-loving galpal.

My best girl friends are mostly booklovers, and the perfect afternoon for them means hanging out in a café for a few hours, immersed in a really good book. I do this myself a lot, too, especially when I am traveling, and I find that this is really one of the most nourishing things I can do for my soul and my mental health. Plus, the smell of coffee is absolutely irresistible!

I stumbled upon the Stojo Cups at a café in Bali, and I thought it was such a great concept! Founded by three busy, coffee-loving dads from New York, they built Stojo around the idea of finding an alternative to bulky travel cups, while aiming to reduce the use of disposable cups (Americans toss 50 billion annually). Stojo cups collapse into these neat little rounds, are leak proof, and can fit right inside your pocket!

Stockists in Singapore:

6. Sustenir Power Kale Pesto

For your gourmand galpal.

We all have that one girlfriend who loves food so much, she is always willing to go the extra mile to satiate her tingling taste buds—whether it comes to eating out or cooking at home. A tub of Sustenir’s Power Kale Pesto ($9.90) is the perfect present—not only is it packed with so much flavour, but it’s overflowing with nutrients, too! Kale, which is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, is the main ingredient, along with other delicious ingredients such as Parmesan, garlic, and olive oil.

Buy a couple and bundle it up with her favourite chips or crackers, and you’re sure to have a gift that’s gourmand-approved!

Stockists in Singapore:

It’s really great to give presents that go beyond utility and serve the bigger purpose of making our Earth a better place. Hope you enjoyed this list! Do let us know in the comments section if you have any other sustainable gifting ideas for the leading ladies of your life.


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