Sustainable Kitchen: A Beeswax Food Wrap Review

A Beeswax Food Wrap Review

What’s the buzz on this latest sustainable trend?

I’m not going to lie. I have consumed a lot of (plastic) cling wrap in my lifetime. It’s convenient, useful and a habit that’s hard to kick. Honestly, I never thought I would stop using cling wrap. It has been a part of my life since my childhood cookie dough days and almost an inevitable part of my kitchen routine.

But as fate would put it, I was walking around the Live Up Green Up event in Takashimaya when I stumbled upon a store that sold reusable food wrap. The concept was foreign to me but I was very drawn to the possibility of a cling-wrap-waste-free home.

I picked one in an Alice and Wonderland print (my favourite character) and decided to give it a go. Here’s a review of my experience with it so far.

Let’s dive in.

One must always read the instructions

What is it made of?

It’s a fairly simple concept. Cotton cloths, dipped in beeswax and dried to create a sticky fabric. This one was made with 100% cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. Basically… healthy stuff.

How does it work?

Well, just like cling wrap it sticks to your bowls, glasses, dishes and can be used to wrap your food, sandwiches, bread, vegetables etc. basically what a cling wrap does. The stickiness of the fabric allows it to cling to your bowls or stick together to create a sealed bag. Oh and the instructions said to avoid direct contact with raw meat. Instead, put them in a bowl and cover them with the wrap.

How do you clean it? 

According to the pack, you can rinse it after every use with cold water and mild soap. Then air dry it before using. I followed the directions and washed mine yesterday. I was very iffy about the whole washing process. Washing sticky things and keeping them sticky is kind of daunting. But it worked. I rinsed and air dried and the fabric turned out just as sticky. (which is a good thing.)

So… is it good? 

It won’t be a real review until I tell you how this has worked for me. Let me start by giving you my observations. Firstly, the smell. If you love honey, you’ll love this. If you don’t, then I’m sorry. Fortunately I love sweet smelling things because this wrap smelled YUMMY. In terms of texture, it takes getting used to especially if you’re the type who always wants to wash their hands once they get into contact with someone strange (that’s me.) For a while, I had a hard time getting used to touching it and having my fingers feel a bit sticky after. But I got over it, and eventually got addicted to the texture (feels like play dough without the dough.) So far I’ve used it to cover bowls, bottles and a fruit. More in the next section.

How do you use it? 

I first used it to wrap half an apple. I rinsed it first, dried it and wrapped my fruit. I followed a few steps they taught me at the booth:

I kept the fruit in the fridge for about 2 days. I was worried the apple would come out browned and guess what, it didn’t! The apple was still very fresh. I guess the whole “sealed” thing works.

Next, I tried covering a bowl of rice and a glass jar. The only problem I had was the sticky marks it left on the glass jar. It’s nothing major but I love my jars nice and glossy so I had to make the extra effort to wash and scrub the stickiness out.

Apart from that, it works like a charm!

On Sizing

These come in 4 sizes, S M L XL. I got the Large size and I found it too big for some of my stuff. I’m considering getting a small or medium for my glasses and bowls.

Final verdict 

I get really happy when products work out that way they’re intend to. This was no exception to that. Apart from sizing issues and a bit of getting used to (texture wise), I think this is a great way to replace single-use cling wrap. According to the label, this lasts up to 12 months. I only wonder if there are ways to make it last longer? Re-coating, maybe?

The are many beeswax food wrap brands out in the market now but the reason why I like buying from Minimakers is that they have the cutest designs. It makes wrapping food a joy to the eyes and looking at their website now, I’m already thinking of getting a couple as gifts for friends this Christmas.

If this sparks your joy, go ahead and grab yourself one from MINIMAKERS.

Any other cool items you want me to review? Comment below!


About the author

Kaye Villar works in a sustainable vertical farm and lives in Singapore. She is slowly getting into sustainable living and is taking steps towards creating a more conscious life with her 2 cats and husband.