Introducing the First Strawberries Ever Grown in Singapore

Introducing the First Strawberries Ever Grown in Singapore

It’ll never snow in Singapore – true.

We’ll never be able to wear winter clothes in Singapore – also true.

And everyone knows that strawberries can never grow in a tropical climate like Singapore’s. Well that used to be true. Until now.

Thanks to Sustenir’s smart indoor farming technology, we’re able to cultivate produce that is non-native to the local climate. Usually grown at a temperature of around 21 degrees Celsius – give or take – our Splendid Strawberries are the first ever strawberries to be grown locally in Singapore.

Known as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), this technology also ensures that all Sustenir produce is are 100% clean, with zero exposure to pollutants or pesticides, so you can be sure that your strawberries will always be sweet, juicy and ready to eat, straight from the box.

And Sustenir’s local farm means it takes much less time for them to get from us to you, so they’re fresher than any of the imported varieties.

And they’re available 365 days a year. Sweet!

Here are a few amazing facts about strawberries:

  1. Despite the name, strawberries are not technically berries. They’re actually called accessory fruits. This is because they have their seeds – all 200 or so of them – on the outside, the only fruit to do so
  2. The leafy green part on the top of the strawberry is called the calynx

Combine strawberry juice with honey, and you’ve got yourself a homemade sunburn treatment


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