How to Make Your Workouts More Eco-friendly

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How to Make Your Workouts More Eco-friendly

We know deep inside us that something isn’t right when we see heartbreaking videos of trash-filled oceans and landfills, the flora and fauna of the ocean choking in plastic.

Plastic pollution is everywhere, just one of the ways humans are destroying wildlife habitats all over the world.

Plastic has crept its into almost every aspect of our lives. Yep, even our workout regimes.

A fit lifestyle that adds to our well being but subtracts from our surroundings is counter-intuitive, because ultimately it harms us in return. Hidden dangers such as BPA-tainted food and microplastics in our water sources and seafood are already in our lives without us noticing it. One study even suggests that seafood lovers could be consuming as many as 11,000 pieces of microplastic every year.

So how can we have less of a harmful impact on the environment in our fitness regimes, beyond just bringing your own water bottle to the gym? Here’s five more things you can try.

Go Clean on Your Smoothies

Those yummy protein-packed smoothies are the cherry on top of any workout. Your water tumbler isn’t limited to just water though, bring it to the smoothie bar and get it straight into your tumblers. Skip the plastic cups and straws all together.

Alternatively, make your own at home, throw it into an insulated tumbler and bring it with you.

Buy Less Fitness Apparel

We all love our gym gear, in fact it’s tough to find any fitness enthusiast without a cupboard full of it. Even people who don’t go to the gym love gym clothes. The question here is, do we need so many?

The fashion industry is a major polluter worldwide, and we’ve been flooded with more and more fast-fashion brands coming up with active wear. Most of them are made out of polyester, great for handling sweat but not so great for the environment.

Be mindful with your purchases, alternate your outfits, extend their lifespan by taking care of them well, and fix them if there are small rips. The earth and your wallet will thank you.

Takeaway Your Favourite Workout Snacks Without Packaging

Those yummy snacks lovingly made locally for the fitness junkie can be hard to resist. What we do want to resist is the crazy amount of plastic and packaging around it. All of that winds up in the trash and then in a landfill. But we can always find a way to change that.

A lot of healthy snacks are usually local fledgling businesses that would be happy to accommodate requests, especially ones that save on packaging (which costs them money!). Don’t be shy to slide into their DMs on Instagram or send in an email to request your order package free. You can try this by reusing your own container to pack their goodies in-store or at fitness center pick-ups, or ask if they accept their containers back for reuse.

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

The easiest way to save on our travel footprint is to go to a class close to where you’re going to be. Gyms and fitness studios have popped up at all corners of the city and the GuavaPass app is a perfect way to optimise your commute.

Find the closest class to your last meeting, your next dinner spot, etc. so that you’re not commuting half an hour to catch a class or better yet get your warmup and warmdown taken care of by cycling..

Say No to Excess Reusable Plastic Bottles

Does this sound familiar? A cupboard jam packed with free reusable bottles from every protein powder you ever bought, every ‘add-on extra’ from all that activewear, and every fitness event you’ve ever attended. Some of them we may use half-heartedly for a week before we switch to the next one. Even as we quit the plastic single-use PET bottles, we start to notice that reusable plastic bottles have invaded our lives instead.

The world is obsessed with free gifts. But it is never truly free, the environmental cost behind a plastic reusable bottle is painful though we may not see it. Plus, quite often these free branded bottles usually have BPA – an industrial chemical used to make certain plastics – in them which can seep into our water.

Guess what, we can actually refuse the bottle in the first place. Politely decline the next time someone hands you one, even if it’s free. Ask yourself, do you really need it? Most of us already have our favourite bottle anyway.

Who knew that so much plastic crept into something as life-sustaining as our fitness regime?

In the end, it isn’t about vilifying the use of plastic, it’s a shift to being more conscious in our habits.

Just like a bad habit, plastic can easily creep in if we don’t watch out for it. Small steps will accumulate into significant change, and you’ll be down a more earth-friendly road to health and wellness in no time.

This article was originally posted by the good people at GuavaPass. For more easy-to-read, actionable content on how to live healthier visit the GuavaPass blog.


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